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Elkem Silicones York

Elkem Advanced specialties biomedical silicones production site focus on the production of silicone gels, dispersions, LSR, HCR and adhesives for medical applications.

About ESAS

Elkem Silicones Advanced Specialties (ESAS) is located 0.6 miles from the main Elkem NA manufacturing facility.

The facility is dedicated to the production of Elkem’s Silbione™ Biomedical product range, including medical grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR), high consistency rubber (HCR), silicone adhesives and dispersions.
Elkem remains committed to providing life sciences industry
leaders best-in-class materials and services that enable them to
improve the lives of patients around the world.

Plant products

Silicone elastomers are compounded using reactive, straight chained molecules together with a cross-linking agent and reinforcement to give good mechanical properties (elasticity, absorption, tear strength).

RTV-1 is a one-component, Room Temperature Vulcanization silicone rubber that cures at room temperature. 

RTV-2 silicones are two-component, Room Temperature Vulcanization silicone rubbers, gels or foams.

Heat Cured Rubber is a silicone elastomer formed of straight chains with very high molecular weight.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a two-component system, where long polysiloxane chains are reinforced with specially treated silica.

Plant certificates

Management system certificates
Validity date: 22 May 2025

Management System Certificate
Validity date : 23 March 2026


  • 11 employees 
  • 2 workshops, 15production lines
  • Annual capacity of greater than 1,000tons 
  • ISO Certified Class 7 manufacturing clean rooms, including a Class 1 Division 2 cleanroom specifically for the manufacture of silicone elastomers dispersed in flammable solvent.
  • Dedicated, Class 8 Quality Assurance lab containing advanced analytical capabilities
  • Quality Management System meeting ISO 9001, ISO 13485
    and IPEC GMP Standards

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Sustainability at Elkem

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check our webpage.

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