Carbon products

Elkem Carbon is the world leading supplier of carbon paste and speciality products to the ferroalloys, silicon and aluminium industries.


ELSEP® Elkem Søderberg electrode paste

Building on historical traditions of technology development, it is with integrity and professional pride we claim that Elkem has defined the standard for paste performance and for optimal electrode operation. The Elkem Standard is reflected in our ELSEP® product range, which comprises electrode pastes of high and proven quality, adapted to the various ferroalloys and silicon processes.

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Prebaked electrodes

Elkem has developed its own production technology for prebaked electrodes. Special raw materials are chosen and electrically calcined, to insure that the best properties are achieved.

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ELGRAPH® Recarburisers

Elkem Carbon makes ELGRAPH® graphitized recarburisers through electric calcining of green petroleum coke. Sulphur- and energy recovery systems ensure a sustainable production process. 

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ELSEAL® Cathode ramming paste

ELSEAL® is Elkem’s high quality ramming paste product range, specifically developed for the demanding application in electrolysis cells/pots used in the production of primary aluminum.


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ELMON™ Furnacing lining materials

Elkem ELMON™ products have proven performance as linings in furnaces producing silicon, ferrosilicon and silicomanganese, and as repair pastes to furnaces producing ferrochrome and ferromanganese.


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ELTAP® Products for furnace tapholes, tapping launders and ladles

Elkem has over the last decades developed high performance and resistant products for furnace tapholes, taping spouts and ladles. The development is based on experience with Carbon and Silicon Carbide under high temperatures and metal/slag exposure.

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