Furnace tapping materials

The ELTAP™ materials have been developed through a wealth of knowledge and experience within the pyrometallurgical industry. From the early 20th century, Elkem has been designing and operating pyrometallurgical smelters. The ELTAP™ range of materials have subsequently been developed to contribute to the well-functioning tapholes, tapping spouts and ladles, that are essential for all melting processes.

The main constituents in Elkem ELTAP™ ramming pastes are Electrically Calcined Carbon and Silicon Carbide. Most of the ELTAP™ furnace tapping materials have additions of components that make ELTAP™ stronger against oxidation. We have products containing pitch, Carbores™, resin, hydrocarbon or biopolymer binder. Many of our products have no PAH and are made from health friendly ingredients.

Most of the ELTAP™ products are produced by order, with relative short lead-times.

Our standard ELTAP™ products

ELTAP™E SiCT: Carbores bound silicon carbide material that’s is strong against oxidation

ELTAP™HotSiC: Self flowing silicon carbide that’s is strong against oxidation

ELTAP™G SMB: Environmentally friendly carbon paste with increased strength against oxidation

ELTAP™E SM: Carbores bounded carbon paste with increased strength against oxidation

ELTAP™G KR: Resin bonded material that get high tensile strength after heating to 200°C.

ELTAP™G THP: Self flowing carbon paste for repair of tapholes.

ELTAP™G THL: Plugging and repair paste for mud guns.

Key benefits of our ELTAP™ products

  • Increased and predictable lifetime
  • Quick installation and easy handling
  • Improved working environment
  • Shorter delivery time 

More than 30 years with furnace tapping materials

Elkem developed a monolithic furnace lining, ELMON™, after experiencing severe problems with carbon block linings back in the 1980s. ELTAP™ materials were simultaneously developed for repair and maintenance of linings, tapholes, spouts and ladles. The ELTAP™ materials have been made stronger against oxidations to give a longer lifetime.