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Electrode Management

Elkem’s unique position, both as producer and user of electrode paste, has enabled us to define the standard for electrode paste performance and optimal electrode operation. For many years, our customers have benefited from our long tradition of technology development and continue to do so.

Sound electrode management principles is at the core of a stable furnace operation. We are working closely with our customers to support and optimise their electrode management practices. Often value is returned to customers by improving the overall paste consumption and ensuring a more stable electrode operation.

In the event of an unexpected electrode break or a customer experiencing poor electrode performance, our technical specialists can support customers in finding root causes for deviations and provide the best solutions to improve their electrode processes.

Our services

The technical service covers both preventative measures and trouble shooting. With our help you can eliminate any potential problem before it occurs.

The following tools and procedures were developed to support your electrode operation:

  • Elkem Electrode Management Audit™
  • Seminars and training workshops
  • Casing design evaluations
  • Procedures for start-up electrodes
  • Procedures for paste charging
  • Evaluation of paste melting conditions
  • Furnace shutdown and start-up procedures
  • Temperature mapping and temperature profile evaluations
  • Mathematical modelling of temperature and thermal stress profiles

Tools for measurements, simulation, and report

We have developed several mathematical tools covering various aspects of the process to assist in the proper understanding of the electrode process and to optimise electrode management practices.

The Elkem Electrode Model is a useful tool to mathematically simulate the temperatures existing inside an electrode to address and understand certain dynamic and stationary conditions. An example is to study the position of the baking isotherm during extensive slipping, at various operating conditions.

The tool can also be used to calculate thermal stresses generated during furnace shutdowns. The electrode simulation tool makes it possible to optimize shut down procedures and minimize thermal stresses during the power recovery. Proper procedures reduce the risk of electrode failure.

We offer the data output generated by the model, included with interpretations and recommendations, as a service to our customers to improve their electrode management practices.

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