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Scrap rate

Our advice to reduce your scrap rates

Our solution to reduce scrap rates

In the past, we have helped many of our clients who had to deal with high scrap rates. You can also benefit from our experience.

A windmill hub producer had scrap issues due to poor Charpy impact results. Elkem technical support staff identified that the problem was related to the charge materials and nucleation condition of the base iron. The solution was to replace their current preconditioner with a specialist alloy, PRESEED™. This resulted in a 50-75% increase in Charpy impact results and eliminated metallurgical scrap. This is just one example of how Elkem’s experienced technical staff can help you to resolve problems and find cost-effective solutions. We have extensive state of the art laboratories and R&D facilities dedicated to providing you with the best technical service available to the iron industry.

Eliminate degenerated graphite
Eliminate degenerated graphite
Eliminate shrinkage porosity, gas defects and carbides
Eliminate shrinkage porosity, gas defects and carbides

As an Elkem customer, technical support comes as part of the package. We want you to get the best possible results from our products and we will work with you to achieve this.


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