Si-NINE silicon powders

Metallurgical silicon is selected, crushed and milled to silicon powders.  Different purities and sizes are offered according to customer requirements and application needs.


  • Superior to aluminium with regard to gas release during green castable body production when using a suitable binder.
  • Superior to aluminium in an acid slags
  • Superior corrosion resistance, both in water and at elevated pH, because of the formation of silica coating
  • Silicon reacts under reducing atmosphere with carbon and produces so-called B-SiC bond which contributes to improvement of the mechanical strength and the abrasion resistance under oxidation. 


Antioxidants in

  •  Magnesia carbon bricks
  •  Alumina magnesia carbon bricks
  •  Carbon containing castables. 


The product is available in 25 kg small bags and 1000 kg big bags. Please contact our sales representative for more details. 

Storage conditions

Store in the original packaging (or re-seal opened packages) under dry conditions above 0°C.

Chemical Analysis (weight %)

Si-NINE 80
Si % min 98
Fe % max 0.8
Al % max 0.7
Ca % max 0.2


Si-NINE 75
Si % min 97.5
Fe % max 1.0
Al % max 0.8
Ca % max 0.3


Si-NINE 60
Si % min 96
Fe % max 1.5
Al % max 1.0
Ca % max 0.4


Each grade is available in two sizes: 0-45µm and 0-75µm. Other sizes can be made on request.

All products contain max. 5% oversize.

Test methods

Test methods are available upon request