Our Tech Advice for your processes

Elkem has a dedicated team of metallurgists and process engineers capable of addressing complex casting issues. Backed up by extensive laboratory facilities and a R&D group, we work together with our customers to solve issues, improve processes and eliminate waste.

We have created a set of Technical Information sheets and posters covering a wide variety of subjects which are invaluable to the modern foundry. TI sheets can be obtained from this site and ask your local Elkem representative about our very popular structure and defect posters. Below you can access some examples of technical advice from Elkem. 

Casting weight & thickness

Find the optimum treatment for cast iron whatever the weight and section thickness of your casting.

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Mechanical properties

Improve your casting's properties like tensile strength and elongation.

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Reproducibility and consistency

To make your casting reproducible and more consistent we recommend a quality ferrosilicon.

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Scrap rate

Use our specialist alloys as a solution to reduce your scrap issues.

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Optimising chemistry together with high-quality products can help to reduce shrinkage porosity.

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Surface defects

With our advice, many of your surface defects can easily be avoided.

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Case study

Avoiding micro porosity defects in iron castings