Silicone Antifoam & Surface Agents

SILCOLAPSE™ Foam Control Agents

For over 60 years, Elkem Silicones has been developing and producing a full range of SILCOLAPSE™ products to constantly deliver cutting edge technology to our customers worldwide.

Foam is a dispersion of gas bubbles, stabilized by surfactants, in a continuous liquid phase.

SILCOLAPSE™ range of foam control agents are designed to be effective in a wide range of applications.

Our full line of SILCOLAPSE™ foam control agents, as formulation ingredients or processing aids, make manufacturing more efficient and cleaner, improve the quality of final products, reduce waste and energy consumption and facilitate recycling. They are safe for people and equipment and comply with the strictest regulations in many industries.

Choose SILCOLAPSE™ Foam Control solutions to increase your process efficiency, improve the quality of your final products, reduce waste and energy consumption, facilitate recycling and end-of-process reuse, protect people and equipment by reducing cavitation, spillage and other hazards.

Benefits you can get from silicone foam control agents over other organic antifoams are numerous thanks to SILCOLAPSE™ solutions.

They prevent, reduce or eliminate foam during the formulation with longer lasting persistence. 

Thanks to high effectiveness they can be used at very low use levels. They present greater defoaming action due to lower surface tension. They have better resistance to heat and chemicals and are chemically inert without any reaction with other substances. 

SILCOLAPSE™ products are highly safe and environmentally compatible.

Through experience and technological expertise developed over the years, Elkem Silicones’ technical teams have developed silicone foam control agents and processing aids able to meet a variety of technical requirements. 

From dedicated product development to on-site technical services, our people are here to provide you with the best product, process and application guidance.

We work closely with our customers on a case-by-case basis to develop and customize the right products for the right purposes. Many of these corporations are based on longer-term R&D partnerships proving our expertise to steadily improve our materials to fit our customers' needs in ever moving markets. Elkem silicones as a fully integrated supplier offers silicone antifoam and surface agents while providing security of supply. 

Trust in Elkem Silicones to provide you great value with the use of SILCOLAPSE™ FOAM CONTROL AGENTS.