Medical Grade RTV Silicone

Elkem Silicones understands the importance of durability and processability when producing parts for the healthcare market. Our Silbione™ Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) silicones provide high-performance properties including easy processing, good flowability, high tack, excellent shearing, rapid cure, and durability. 

As a global leader in soft silicone technologies, we offer a broad range of Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) silicones that are ideal for duplication, cushioning, skin car products such as bandages and dressings, and life-like skin applications due to its non-toxicity and biocompatibility. 

Silbione™ RTV application solutions: 

  • Dental and Audiology 
  • Cushioning 
  • Prosthetics and skin contact  

Elkem Silicones offers the following ranges for Room Temeprature Vulcanzed (RTV) silicones under the Silbione™ brand: