Medical grade soft skin adhesive silicone for healthcare applications

Elkem Silicones has developed the Silbione™ range of medical-grade ingredients and formulations to make skin-friendly adhesives that are non-traumatic, non-adhesive to newly formed wet tissues and anti-allergenic. Designed specifically for skin contact applications, Elkem Silicones Silbione™ Silicone Skin Adhesives provide gentle, non-irritating adhesion, even to the most delicate skin. 

Silbione™ Silicone Skin Adhesives are two-part platinum catalyzed silicone gel elastomers, manufactured in a clean environment to ensure healthcare grade levels of purity and quality, and are available in a variety of tack properties and viscosity. 

Silbione™ Silicone Skin Adhesive application solutions include: 

  • Wound dressings and bandages 
  • Medical and fashion tapes 
  • Transdermal patches for cosmetic and active drug delivery
  • Scar management  

Elkem Silicones offers the following ranges for Silicone Skin Adhesives under the Silbione™ brand:



    Viscosity (Pa.s)

    Peel Adhesion (N/2.5cm, 180° Bristol) Benefits Particularly suitable for
    RT Gel 4743 55 2,7
    • Increased wear time
    • Suitable for transfer coating
    Non-woven based Dressing
    RT Gel 4642 13 2,5
    • Efficient at low coat weight
    • Resistance to movements
    OTC Bandage
    RT Gel 4645 10 2,25
    • Trouble-free bonding on PU
    • Improved coating productivity
    Advanced Wound Care Contact Layer
    RT Gel 4717 55 2
    • Good adhesion
    • Comfortable wear
    RT Gel 4317 3 1,25
    • Suitable for sheet molding
    • Cohesive in thick layers
    Scar-care sheets


    Our Silbione™  HC2 range is designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding standards of Advanced Wound Care companies, giving them complete peace of mind when making silicone-based dressings. The production of Silbione™  HC2 products in an ISO 8 clean room and the controlled bioburden on each batch guarantee an efficient sterilization of the dressing.

    *Silbione™ grade materials have been tested for biocompatibility according to applicable ISO 10993 and/or USP Class VI standards

    The typical properties listed above are not intended for use in preparing specifications. For test methods and specifications, please contact an Elkem representative.

    User has sole responsibility to determine product suitability for intended uses and applications.