Silicone PSA (Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) for papers and films


Pressure sensitive adhesives are able to provide measurable adhesion to a given surface simply upon contact or by the application of light pressure. Silicones for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) serve many applications such as adhesive tapes for electrical insulation, masking tape to protect circuit boards, protective films for for displays and electronic touch screens and many more markets as the electronics industry keeps developing. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are available in both solvent and solvent-free technologies while new technologies like water-based and UV are expected to grow in the future with new electronic applications. 

The Silcolease™ PSA product line supports the industrial and consumer electronic applications and is designed to offer a wide choice of tack and peel adhesion options which are compatible with many substrates and resistant over a range of temperatures that make them suitable to all kind of climates and environments:

  • Low tack and low peel adhesion for your television, mobile screens protection during transport
  • High tack and high peel adhesion for your permanent protection films during mobile display daily use

What are the advantages of silicones PSA?


  • Very good wetting characteristics to enable the sticking on hard-to-wet surfaces
  • Good bond on low surface energy substrates
  • Excellent bond with silicone release liners
  • Steady peeling force evolution
  • Excellent aging resistance
  • High temperature resistance up to and over 250°C
  • Easy degassing to avoid bubbles
  • No residue and clean removal
  • High optical clarity/transparency

Comparing Silicones PSA with Rubber and Acrylic PSA:


  Silicone Rubber Acrylic
Tack Low High Low/High
180° peel Low/medium Medium/High Low/High
Shear Medium Low/ High Low/High
UV resistance Excellent Poor Excellent
Chemical resistance Excellent Poor Good
Plasticizer resistance Good Poor Medium
Bond to low energy surfaces High Medium Low/High
Service temperature -70°C to -270°C 0°C to -65°C -40°C to -150°C
Service environment Indoor / Otudoor Indoor Indoor/Outdoor
Cost High Low Medium


Silcolease™ Silicone PSA can be used in a variety of applications, including:  

  • Masking Tapes   
  • Protective Films 
  • Splicing Tapes 
  • Mica Tapes 

Silicone PSA specialists to help you!

Elkem Silicones PSA specialists release coating industry specialists are a vital element to help you choose the right Silcolease™ system. With production sites on four continents and technical centers around the world, there are dedicated teams to assist with the optimization of your product and process. In our laboratories and technical centers, or on site at our customer’s coating lines your Elkem Silicones Silcolease™ expert is on hand to help you achieve your results.