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Elkem Iceland

  • 3 furnaces
  • 160 employees
  • Production of high speciality grades of FeSi products
  • Annual capacity of 120.000 mt

The plant is situated in Akranes, 40 kilometres north of the capital Reykjavik.

Elkem Iceland (former Icelandic Alloys ltd.) was established on April 28th 1975 by the Icelandic government in cooperation with the American company Union Carbide. In 1976 Union Carbide withdrew from the plant and Elkem took their place. The Japanese company Sumitomo Corporation became a stockholder in 1984, and Elkem acquired all shares in the plant in 2003.

The construction of the plant started in 1977 and the first furnace became operational in 1979. The second furnace was put into operation in 1980 and the third furnace came on-line in 1999. Today Elkem Iceland is the second largest ferrosilicon plant in the world.

The core product at Elkem Iceland is ferrosilicon, which is one of the elementary raw materials for the steel industry. FeSi is either used for refining of steel or as an ingredient to reach predetermined qualities.

Elkem Iceland has always produced standard FeSi, but in recent years, the plant has expanded its portfolio of speciality FeSi to meet increased market demand for such products.

The three main pillars of the plants’ competitive edge are: Elkem Iceland’s production flexibility, its skilled and innovative workforce and the competitive energy prices in Iceland.

Two thirds of Elkem Iceland’s employees have worked here for over 10 years – of those 30 have worked here for longer than 30 years. We aim to train our people in a way that they are sought after elsewhere and treat them in a way that they don´t want to leave.”