ELMON™ - Furnacing lining materials

ELMON™ is a concept for monolithic, jointless linings, with a special stop layer for gas, temperature, and metal. This reduces temperatures and gas pressures in critical areas of the lining, which contribute to a much longer lifetime. 

The main constituents in Elkem ELMON™ ramming pastes are Electrically Calcined Carbon and Silicon Carbide. We have products containing Carbores™, resin, biopolymer, or hydrocarbon binder

ELMON™ products have proven performance as linings in furnaces producing silicon, ferrosilicon, silicomanganese, and calcium carbide. ELMON™ products are also used in the bottom lining of ferrochrome and ferromanganese furnaces and in the sidewalls provided that sufficient temperatures are maintained for curing.

Most of the ELMON™ products are produced by order, with relative short lead-times.

Our standard ELMON™ furnace lining materials

ELMON™E K: Carbon material containing graphite, which conducts both current and heat well.

ELMON™E SiC: Silicon carbide material that’s stops/reduce flow of gas, heat, and metal.

ELMON™G KR: Resin bonded material that can be used in freeze linings and tapping spouts.

ELMON™ G HCP: Resin bounded material with high heat conductivity used inside steel shell.

Key Benefits of our ELMON™ furnace lining materials

  • Increased and predictable lifetime of furnace linings
  • Quick installation and easy handling
  • Improved working environment
  • Shorter delivery time than carbon blocks

More than 30 years with cold lining pastes

Elkem developed a monolithic furnace lining, ELMON™, after experiencing severe problems with carbon block linings back in the 1980s. Elkem’s monolithic lining ELMON™ often achieves a lifetime of around 20 years. Elkem has delivered linings to more than 200 furnaces worldwide from production in Brazil, China, and Norway.