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Trustworthy anti-mold silicone sealants for kitchens and bathrooms

Effectively inhibit mold breeding, Protect your health at home

Kitchen and bathroom are the most frequently used places in people's living environment, in these two places often face the trouble of mold and blackened, which is because of the hot and humid environment in these two places, as well as frequent contact with food residues and grease, a variety of mold is very easy to multiply in these places, if you do not usually pay attention, mold may become the root cause of disease in the invisible corners of life. Elkem silicone anti-mildew sealant has good adhesion, sealing and mold resistance, and can effectively inhibit the growth of mold in high temperature and high humidity environment for a long time to ensure human health.

What are the main advantages of Elkem silicone-based materials for silicone sealants in kitchens and bathrooms?

Elkem products, designed specifically for use in sanitary and food contact spaces in homes, offices and industrial plants are all tested and certified to be safe and comply with the strictest national and international regulatory standard for interior building materials

The benefits of Elkem solutions for kitchens and bathrooms:

  • A wide range of solutions for sealing and bonding different materials in kitchens (sinks, worktops, tiling, etc.) and bathrooms (bathtubs, showers, washbasins, toilets, etc.)
  • Efficient antifungal and anti-bacterial additives for optimal cleanliness and comfort
  • Non-yellowing formulations that maintain their elasticity over time
  • Efficient extrudability for production efficiency
  • Excellent flexibility to seal decorations to all types of substrates in humid environments
  • Customized products to ensure long product lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. 

 Our product offering

Combining with the technical development and practical experience of Aiken silicone in the field of kitchen and bathroom mildew prevention for many years, we can provide a variety of kitchen and bathroom mildew prevention sealant according to the needs and habits of global customers.

Here is one outstanding example of a new innovative solution in our vast product offering:

  • BLUESIL SLT NOVART S is a one component, neutral alkoxy, ready-to-use and fast curing silicone elastomer suitable for sealing and bonding seals in sanitary installations. It crosslinks at room temperature to give a flexible seal of low modulus. It combines the advantages of primerless adhesion and neutrality and can be used on most materials for sanitary sealing, including, ceramic tiles, glazed surfaces, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, rigid PVC, marble, granite and other porous substrates. It can withstand movement of 25% in constant service throughout a wide temperature and humidity range. Novart S also aesthetically enhances sanitary ware, fixtures and fittings with its smooth, glossy appearance and is available in white or as a clear translucent formulation that adapts to all colors of tiling and fixtures. Its protection features include an efficient low-dosage fungicide, and its composition is non-toxic, non-leaching and non-yellowing when exposed to UV rays.
  • STARSIL ™ SLT XH-606 is a one-component, moisture-curing and neutral curing silicone sealant with fungicide, which fast cures at room temperature to form a flexible, high modulus watertight joint for sanitary sealing and can be used on all weatherproofing or bonding applications where protection against fungal growth is sought, such as: Jointing baths, sinks, showers, kitchen furniture, urinals, ect..

Why choose Elkem as your partner for silicone kitchen and bathroom applications?

Elkem Silicone was the first silicone manufacturer to introduce a sealant cartridge in 1957 and since then, the company’s R&D, working closely with builders, has continued to develop new silicone-based applications for construction of all types, including Building Facades and Cladding. Our products are versatile, customizable, safe and easy to process, provide innovative and robust performance features and guarantee safety for manufacturers, building professionals and end-users.

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