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Silicone solutions for sealing and bonding prefabricated buildings

Sealing & bonding building module components can improve construction efficiency and environmental protection

Prefabricated buildings, also known informally as prefabs (or referred to in some languages as industrial or modular constructions), are erected by on-site assembly of building components that have been manufactured in a factory. Prefabricated buildings may range from temporary shelters to large-scale commercial buildings intended for long-term use. Several of the world’s largest retailers and restaurant chains, for example, now use prefabricated buildings for most of their new outlets, bringing down costs, but also giving consumers the same shopping layout or experience wherever they may be.

Therefore, while prefabricated buildings can be put up more quickly and at a lower cost, they must be robustly assembled to ensure the same safety standards, environmental protection and comfort requirements as traditional buildings. The key to achieving these criteria is the quality of the sealing and bonding of expansion joints between the different parts and components, which must be functionally and aesthetically perfect.

This is why silane-modified and silicone sealants are the materials of choice for prefabricated buildings since they offer better bonding, weatherproofing and overall resistance for outdoor joints. They also enable better finishing because they come in various colors and are compatible most types of paints. 

What are the main advantages of Elkem silicone-based materials for sealing and bonding prefabricated buildings?

Elkem prefabricated building sealants have strong adhesions, flexibility,  paint ability and reliability, maintaining its initial performance for many years, suitable for all kinds of prefabricated buildings, various structure and decorative building materials, such as concrete, steel and other metals, PVC and glass, etc. and making the building lasting to adapt to the external challenges and slow down the aging process of the underlying structure. 

From a processing and installation point of view, silicone sealants for prefabricated buildings offer the following advantages:

  • Low modulus to effectively reduce the internal stress caused by the displacement process of building components
  • Excellent bonding between all types of building materials, in particular high load-bearing concrete, as well as bricks, stone, metal, glass, etc.
  • Efficient extrudability for installation efficiency
  • Four packaging options for different construction practices, including drums, big bags, cartridges and tubes
  • Non-toxic substances to ensure safety for manufacturers of components and building installers.

For property owners, residents and end-users, silicone sealants for prefabricated buildings feature:

  • Long-lasting sealant protection, excellent elasticity and low shrinkage
  • Excellent weatherproofing against temperature -30-120 ℃
  • Low modulus, applicable in sealing for all kinds of construction joints in different dimensions
  • A wide range of color additives for better aesthetic effects and compatibility with all coatings and paints
  • Non-toxic substances to ensure safety for end-users.

Our product offering 

BLUESIL™& STARSIL™ silane modified sealants provide high performance mechanical properties and are ideal for prefabricated building applications. These products cure at ambient temperature and in the presence of air humidity to form a strong, flexible long-lasting seal. BLUESIL™& STARSIL™

Silane Modified Technology

Silane modified technology based on an alcohol curing mechanism, which is completely neutral and used in applications against a risk of corrosion, such as electrical installation, contact sensitive metals (e.g copper and its alloys), with the full range of construction applications.

Here is outstanding example of efficient solutions for prefabricated building assembly in our vast product offering:

  • STARSIL™ MS 801 is a one-component silane modified sealant designed for prefabricated buildings. After curing, it offers low modulus, high movement capability and resistance to displacement of substrates, while it has good adhesion and surface paintability and meets the joint requirements of prefabricated buildings.

Why choose Elkem as your partner for sealant applications in the assembly of prefabricated buildings?

Elkem was the first silicone manufacturer to introduce a sealant cartridge in 1957 and since then, the company’s R&D, working closely with builders, has continued to develop new silicone-based applications for construction of all types, including prefabricated buildings. Our products are versatile, customizable, safe and easy to process, provide innovative and robust performance features and guarantee safety for manufacturers, building professionals and end-users.

Elkem can help meet your material specifications for prefabricated buildings through our custom silicone rubber compounding solutions provided by our Mix & Fix Centers.

We are also available to work collaboratively upstream on R&D to develop customized products that meet evolving market needs and regulatory changes

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