About Elkem Silicon Materials

Elkem Silicon Materials is Elkem’s largest business area and one of the world's leading suppliers of metallurgical silicon and microsilica. We deliver special products to customers in the chemical, solar, electronics, aluminium, construction, refractory and oilfield industries worldwide.

Elkem Silicon Materials

Products & markets

Fibre cement additive

For fibre cement products, Elkem recommends Elkem Microsilica® powder grades 920 & 940 and Emsac® slurry grade Emsac® 500
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GroutAid® is the essential microsilica additive for improving cement injection grouts
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Gypsum board additive

Elkem Microsilica® can be used in gypsum products as a process aid, to improve ingredient dispersion and to improve hardened properties and overall durability, particularly in fire tests.
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High performance concrete

For over 30 years, the world’s most prestigious construction projects have put their trust in Elkem Microsilica®.  Microsilica makes concrete stronger, more durable and sustainable.
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Materials for refractories

High quality microsilica, silicon powders and specialty products for advanced refractories and ceramics. Highly competent staff for customer service, technical assistance and product development.

Elkem produces a wide range of silicon qualities for the ceramic industry and we continuously work to developed a product range with both beneficial particle size distributions and chemistry for our ceramic customers.

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Oilfield solutions

Elkem Oilfield offers a range of specialised products designed to provide superior performance and value in cementing, drilling & completion fluid applications. From microsilica products in cementing to our versatile weight materials Elkem can service your requirements.
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Polymer additives

The Sidistar® family of products is designed to improve flame-retardancy, processibility and scratch resistance in thermoplastic and elastomeric compounds.
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Silicon for aluminium alloys

Elkem offers a complete range of silicon grades, both for critical safety parts such as aluminium wheels, and material for use in the environmentally important secondary aluminium industry. We combine a continuously improved product range with new technology, aiming at fast solubility and high silicon recovery.
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Silicon for aluminium brazing

Silgrain® Braze is a silicon powder specially developed for the aluminium brazing industry. Aluminium brazing is typically used for the production of heat exchangers in the automotive industry, such as radiators, and indoor applications, such as air conditioning and refrigeration. Special care is taken to closely control the particle size distribution and minimise the risk of oversize particles in our Silgrain® Braze product.
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Silicon for batteries

To support the upcoming market of silicon-based batteries, Elkem has utilised its vast experience in producing specialised silicon to develop tailored materials for final use as anodes of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These are collected in our portfolio of Silgrain® e-Si products.

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Silicon for ceramics

Elkem produces a wide range of silicon qualities for the ceramic industry and we continuously work to fulfill our ceramic customers’ needs. Over the years we have developed a product range with both beneficial particle size distributions and chemistry for our ceramic customers.

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Silicon for other applications

Elkem offers silicon for use in a set of other specialized applications and our silicon is customized to provide the best possible performance for our customers.


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Silicon for plasma spraying

Elkem has been producing industrial volumes of high purity silicon for plasma spraying processes since 2007. Plasma spraying are used both for production of sputtering targets and direct surface coating. Our silicon is produced with both a well-defined bottom cut and top cut to give maximum yield in the plasma spraying process.

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Silicon for polysilicon

Elkem has since the early 1970's delivered Silgrain®, a unique grade of metallurgical silicon, to the electronics industry. Our Silgrain® provides benefits to producers of trichlorosilane for production of polysilicon used in the electronic and solar industry.
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Silicon for silicones

Silicon qualities for production of silicones typically contain >99% Silicon, and have controlled and tailored amounts of other elements. Our plants have long experience in delivering to this market where stability and precision are essential.

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