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Elkem Carbon Ningxia

Elkem Carbon China is located near Shizuishan City in the Ningxia Hui region.

Elkem Carbon China, also known as ECC, holds the distinction of being the pioneering wholly owned foreign enterprise in Ningxia province. Its establishment in 2000 was driven by the vision of catering to markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the course of the last two decades, ECC has solidified its reputation as a trusted supplier, consistently delivering superior quality products to customers across Asia, including China, Oceania, and North America.

The plant is equipped with 6 Elkem designed electrical calciners for calcining of anthracite, including a blending and mixing facility to produce various types of carbon pastes. The plant has a paste production capacity of 60 000 MT per annum.

Our products

In 1919, Elkem patented Søderberg electrode, a self-baking electrode which revolutionized the smelting industry.

ELMON® is a concept for monolithic, jointless linings, with a special stop layer for gas, temperature, and metal.

The ELTAP® materials have been developed through a wealth of knowledge and experience within the pyrometallurgical industry.


Our range of ramming pastes has been developed for use in aluminum electrolysis cells.

Our certifications

Quality management system certificate
Validity date: 13 October 2023

Quality management system certificate
Validity date: 26 October 2025

In recent years, ECC has made significant progress in enhancing environmental protection measures. These improvements aim to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability. Notably, we have installed a De-SO₂ & NOₓ treatment system, greatly reducing our impact on the environment, and ensuring clean and safe air. We have also adopted energy-efficient practices by investing in solar energy systems to provide sustainable green power.



  • 6 electrical calciners
  • 102 employees

Elkem Carbon China market

Sustainability at Elkem

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check our webpage.

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