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Elkem Silicones Germany GmbH

  • Approximately 40 employees across many functions, including EHS, EBS, Production, Quality, Supply Chain, Technical Assistance, R&D, Engineering, HR, Product Stewardship, Purchasing and Finance
  • The Lübeck site is located in the northern part of Germany close to Hamburg
  • The administrative site is located in Leverkusen close to Cologne
  • Our tolling sites are located in Wipperfürth (SiC Compound GmbH) and Leverkusen (Anker GmbH)
  • Our workshops produce a variety of different product families, like RTV-1, RTV-2 and HCR
  • Industrial activities started in Lübeck back in 1994 when at this time Rhone-Poulenc bought the silicone activity from Possehl
  • The site in Lübeck accommodates the EMEA technical service for the Healthcare market, where we develop and optimize silicones for our customers in the O&P (Orthopedics & Prosthetics) and LTI (Long Term Implant) segments. In strong cooperation with our colleagues worldwide, R&D activities for DDS (Drug Delivery Systems) and BI (Breast Implant) are mastered on site.

Did you know?

Germany is by far the most important market for silicones in EMEA with strong presence of our main silicone competitors.

As a signatory to the Responsible Care Global Charter our company will actively strengthen the Responsible Care initiative committed to:

  • Safeguarding People and the Environment
  • Strengthening Chemicals Management Systems
  • Engaging Stakeholders
  • Contributing to Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement

Our plants’ activities are actively involved in the economic and social activities of the region. Through our partnerships, trainings, and sustainable development policy, we maintain close relations, and an ongoing dialogue with the local stakeholders. As part of our policy of transparency we are also committed to inform stakeholders as quickly as possible in the event of significant safety or environmental incident in accordance with the industry’s “real-time” communication policy.

Because we care about our customers' trust and satisfaction, we have dedicated people to support them and to work closely with our sales and marketing teams.

Should you need our Energy and Environment policy please contact us.

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