Elkem Carbon Fiskaa

Elkem Carbon Fiskaa is the largest producer of carbon products in the western world and is the key supplier for leading ferro alloy industry globally. Substantial investment in energy recovery and Sulphur cleaning has given this industry-complex a solid foundation for the future.

The basis for all carbon products from the Fiskaa plant is electric calcining technology, with a basis in Norwegian hydro power and energy recovery processes. Location close to the city Kristiansand, ensure access to skilled workforce.  

The plant has now a dedicated calcining capacity for the production of graphite for the foundry industry, ELGRAPH® recarburisers and will growth in this area the coming year. Excellent location to seawater ensure efficient logistics to main markets. Elkem's main research Centre is also located at this industry complex.


  • Søderberg electrode paste, brickets and cylinders
  • ELGRAPH® Recarburisers for the foundry- and steel industry
  • Calcined anthracite for the foundry- and steel industry
  • ELSEAL® ramming paste for aluminium cells
  • Furnace lining materials (tamping paste)
  • Tap hole repair materials