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Elkem Carbon Fiskaa

Elkem Carbon Fiskaa is located at the Fiskaa Technology Park in Kristiansand, in southern Norway.

Elkem Carbon Fiskaa is the original paste plant that was established with the invention of the Søderberg electrode, in 1919. Today, the plant is the largest producer of carbon products in the western world and is the key supplier for leading ferro alloy industry globally.

The plant is equipped with 10 Elkem designed electrical calciners for calcining of anthracite, including a blending and mixing facility to produce various types of carbon pastes. The plant has a paste production capacity of 92 000 MT per annum.

There are also 3 specially modified calciners for the calcining of green pet coke. These calciners are utilised for the production of synthetic graphite and recarburisors.

Products & Supply

The  products produced at Elkem Carbon Fiskaa  

Electrode paste is supplied as cylinders, briquettes or large rectangular blocks.

Various packaging alternatives are offered to suit customers’ needs for all products produced at Elkem Carbon Fiskaa.

Elkem Carbon Fiskaa services customers on all five continents around globe and its excellent location near the Kristiansand container port ensures efficient logistics to our main markets.

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