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Elkem Carbon Fiskaa

Elkem Carbon Fiskaa is located at the Fiskaa Technology Park in Kristiansand, in southern Norway.

Elkem Carbon Fiskaa, also known as ECF, is the original paste plant that was established with the invention of the Søderberg electrode, in 1919. Today, the plant is the largest producer of carbon products in the western world and is the key supplier for leading ferro alloy industry globally.

The plant is equipped with 11 Elkem designed furnaces for electrical calcining of anthracite and blending and mixing facilities to produce various types of carbon pastes. There are also 3 specially modified calciners for the calcining of green pet coke. These calciners are utilized to produce synthetic graphite and recarburisers.

Products & Supply

The  products produced at Elkem Carbon Fiskaa  

We serve customers on all five continents. Our location close to Kristiansand’s container port ensures efficient logistics to the market.

Our certificates
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Our environmental initiatives

Did you know that manufacturing of EVs, solar panels and windmills all depend on specialized carbon additions and high-quality electrode paste?

With our basis of green hydropower, energy recovery, PAH reducing measures, sulphur- and off-gas cleaning, and advanced systems for dust removal from ambient surroundings, ECF is a green producer at the heart of the green transformation!

At ECF, we aim to develop environmentally friendly solutions for all our products.


  • 11 furnaces for electrical calcining
  • 105 employees
  • Largest producer of carbon products in the western world
  • Annual capacity of 92.000 MT

Our workforce

ECF has 105 employees supporting the operation of our customers. Recognizing that our people are our greatest asset, we actively cultivate a work environment that cherishes individuality, fosters collaboration, and fuels innovation. Embracing diverse perspectives, we firmly believe in our ability to attain exceptional accomplishments, both as an organization and as a community.

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