The Challenge

The rapid economic development has driven the rapid changes in the construction industry. The traditional building structure is now being replaced by frame structure, aluminum alloy doors and windows, lightweight wall prefabricated parts and various curtain walls. Such variety of architecture forms place higher demands on sealing and bonding. On the other hand, with the further improvement of people's living standards and deeper understanding of energy conservation and environmental protection, the demands for safety, health, comfort, and low-carbon environmentalism have kept growing. The choice for environment and products is becoming more and more critical.

In the construction industry applications, silicone sealants provide reliable weather proof and thermal insulation guarantees for buildings, ensuring the energy efficiency and lifetime of buildings. Practitioners in the construction industry need superior-performance sealants to meet the needs of consumers and property owners. These sealants must be able to form flexible joints, make building materials well bonded, and protect homes, offices, and industrial facilities from a variety of extreme climate changes and impact from temperature changes, humidity, wind, and other environmental factors.

Why us

As the inventor and successor to the world's first silicone sealant, Elkem Silicones has been conducting in-depth research in the field of building seal protection and energy-saving building construction since the 1950s. The world-renowned French Louvre Pyramid built in 1988 adopted Elkem Silicone sealants. The Pyramid has survived 30 years of suns and rains and still maintains its beauty and magnificence, witnessing the climate changes year after year, alongside the 800-years old of Louvre Museum.

The expert team of Elkem Silicones takes environmental protection requirements into consideration at the early stage of product development, controls or restricts the use of solvents and other volatiles, and evaluates the factors of energy-saving, environmental protection and impact to humans according to the material requirements of green buildings, to implement the green development idea with prominent products. At the same time, it also fully explores the properties of silicone, takes the advantages of silicone in weather resistance, heat and cold resistance, and aging resistance as application in sealing materials for building protection. The in-market products can effectively improve the overall sealing, energy-saving performance and life time of buildings, without compromising green environmental and utility performance, thus help customers to meet the most critical market needs.

Elkem Silicones STARSILTM product series are used in the fields of doors and windows, curtain walls and decoration of buildings, insulating glass, functional bonding sealants, etc. They possess excellent weather resistance and aging resistance properties and retain good sealing performance under hostile weather, underwater and UV environment for a long time. They can achieve reliable and durable bonding with a variety of substrates such as metal, glass, tile, cement, and wood, with stable performance and is health and environment friendly. The consistently superior quality makes it an excellent choice for a variety of construction and industrial applications.


With advantages in excellent performance, Elkem Silicones STARSILTM product series help achieving high-quality sealing and bonding in buildings to effectively guarantee the life time of buildings and improve the resistance of buildings to various extreme weathers. A full range of construction application solutions can meet your various application needs:

STARSILTM building curtain wall solution is used in glass assembly, curtain wall weather resistance, curtain wall structure, stone curtain wall and other fields. It possesses excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, good adhesion properties, and causes no pollution to a variety of substrates. It is a safer and more reliable choice for all types of building curtain wall applications.

STARSILTM building door and window solution can be applied as sealant in door and window assembly. It possesses good thixotropy, which makes the construction of doors and windows no longer time-consuming and laborious. The good elasticity makes it effectively protect window and door glass. The various appearance and excellent weather resistance property retain the doors and windows as new as possible.

STARSILTM Decoration solution can be applied to various glass doors and windows, kitchen cabinets, show cases, drainage pipes, A/C pipes, electricity pipes, etc. as general adherent and sealant, as well as various interior decoration joint seals. It is low in VOC, free of formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful gases release, therefore a veritable guardian to health and environment.

STARSILTM Insulating Glass solution is specially designed for the secondary sealing of insulating glass, which can effectively protect the insulating glass from long-term internal stress caused by various external forces and temperature differences to ensure the structural stability of insulating glass.

STARSILTM Functional Bonding and Sealing solution can be applied to kitchen and bathroom mold proofing, fire retardant, aquarium tank, mirror, etc. It is certified by authoritative agencies and meets customers' restrictive requirements for functional bonding and sealing.

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