Silicone solutions for solidifying transportation infrastructures

As the world’s population and urban areas continue to grow, travel is becoming one of the key drivers of economic development. Roads, railroad networks, bridges, tunnels, and other kinds of transportation engineering applications are either being built or renovated so that travel becomes more efficient and safer. To achieve these goals, transportation infrastructures are increasingly required to comply with higher quality standards and regulations.

Transport system managers and engineers are therefore focusing on building robust protection for infrastructures exposed to harsher environmental conditions and intense traffic, which cause greater stress on material and generates a greater risk of corrosion and damage.

The key to achieve this essential goal is to seal infrastructures and their interfaces made of different materials. For example, there is a need to eliminate any possible leaks or chemical infiltration between concrete and steel components and since certain infrastructures serve multiple transportation vehicles, they require robust sealants that resist vibration or pollution. Elkem Silicones has developed a wide range of construction sealants which enable engineers and builders to seal very different materials together, efficiently and durably to ensure safety and comfort for all.

What are the main long-term advantages of Elkem silicone-based materials for sealing transportation infrastructure components? 

Silicone sealants are formulated with different functional group structures in the organic silicon polymer main chain to be flexible, adherent and extremely durable over time, so that they continue to deliver the performance level of their initial specifications for many years. The sealing materials we produce, used for construction in general and transport infrastructures in particular, can protect the surface of multiple building materials from the erosion of external environmental conditions; They also offer excellent insulating performance and offer tensile strength, good elasticity, and better temperature and ageing resistance than other sealing materials.  

From a processing and installation point of view, silicone sealants for transport infrastructure offer the following advantages: 

  • Efficient extrudability, for production efficiency during installation
  • Sturdy mechanical properties for provide strong adhesion on all surfaces, including concrete, steel, stone, bricks, wood, etc.
  • Long-term resistance to degradation 
  • Four packaging options for different construction practices, including drums, big bags, cartridges and tubes
  • Non-toxic substances to ensure safety for builders and installers.

For engineers, facility managers and end-users, silicone sealants for transport infrastructures feature: 

  • Long-lasting sealant protection
  • High water repellency
  • Strong resistance to extreme weather conditions and pollution to ensure durability
  • Low surface tension and excellent elasticity to prevent breakage
  • Where required, flame-proof sealants to isolate different spaces from smoke and toxic fumes
  • Non-toxic substances to ensure safety for end-users.

Our product offering

Our vast BLUESIL SLT and STARSIL™ line of products features both acetoxy and alkoxy silicone elastomers in one or two-component systems, offering high-performance mechanical properties that are ideal for applications in transportation infrastructure applications. These products cure at ambient temperature to form a strong, flexible long-lasting seal. 

Our existing line of products is being reinforced through the recent purchase of Basel Chemie, a Korean producer of advanced water repellents for the construction industry and owner of a wide portfolio of specialty products. The acquisition gives Elkem access to leading technologies and R&D capabilities that are currently being leveraged for our construction-related products, including transportation infrastructure. 

Acetoxy technology

This original family of silicone sealants remains the most widely used in multiple construction applications and, in particular our high-performance products are well-suited for sealing and weatherproofing transport infrastructures.   This technology, because it creates acetoxy acid in the curing process, can only be used in applications where there is no risk of corrosion in the surrounding environment. 

Alkoxy technology 

This technology is based on an alcohol curing mechanism and is therefore completely neutral and odorless. It is used in the same range of construction applications as acetoxy technology, but also in areas where corrosion is to be avoided, such as near electrical installations, in contact with sensitive metals (such as copper and its alloys) or in structures that may be exposed to hazardous chemical or environmental pressures.

Here is one outstanding example of an efficient solution in our vast product offering:

  • BLUESIL SLT 10T is a one component, neutral alkoxy, ready-to-use and fast curing silicone elastomer suitable for weather-sealing and bonding in construction applications such as transportation infrastructure, for such functions as partition walls, terracing joints, roof tiles, road and railway joint protection, etc. It cures at ambient temperature in the presence of air moisture to give a flexible and strong seal with low modulus of elasticity. It adheres without a primer on virtually all surfaces found in infrastructure construction and accepts movements of 25% in continuous service within a wide range of temperatures. It is available in PVC white and off-white.

Why choose Elkem Silicones as your partner for silicone insulated window applications?

Our longstanding experience in construction silicones, our commitment to R&D and our continuous improvement programs have enabled us to be a leading supplier of silicone-based formulations for the construction industry. 

We continue to focus on innovation, with our inhouse R&D now working closely with our recently acquired partner, Basel Chemie, a Korean producer of advanced water repellents for the construction industry and owner of a wide portfolio of specialty products.

Other services also include customized compounding solutions, regulatory support, assistance to roll out productivity programs, training for teams and collaborative work on new developments.